Bass Reel and Soft Plastic Baits

2014 vs 2015

Things Done In 2014 ….. That Will Not Be Done In 2015

 I Will Not …………
* Sit a steaming hot cup of coffee between my legs when driving the boat
* Forget to remove that last fish out of the livewell until I go fishing a week later
* Fill the boat up with diesel instead of regular gasoline
* Assume that I have enough gas in the boat for the entire days fishing
* Try to light a cigarette by shorting out a pair of pliers and screwdriver on the battery
* Forget to buy my new fishing license until I am checked by the game warden
* Leave my life jackets (that I used to have) in the boat when I motor down the highway
* Forget to disconnect the front of the boat from the trailer when I launch the boat
* Leave my tackle box, rods and boat keys sitting in the garage when I go fishing
* Make “one more cast” when the lighting and rain is drawing closer and closer
* Forget to set the alarm clock for the morning of the fishing tournament
* Go to Bass Pro Shops and Academy with the intention of not buying anything
* Forget to put my raingear in the boat
* Wear tennis shoes instead of boots when the weatherman forecasts rain and cold
* Try to go across a shallow stumpy flat with the boat on full plane
* Forget to put the drain-plug in my boat
* Leave my billfold at home when I need to pay for the gasoline at the service station 
* Forget to put an extra pair of Lakegloves in the boat when fishing in January
* Go into a panic mode when I see three boats fishing my favorite “honey hole”
* Forget to plug in the battery charger after a hard days fishing * Buy every new lure I see marketed by those smiling anglers on television
* Put off retying a bait and then lose a big fish because of a bad spot in the line

* Forget to enter a GPS coordinate for the new and remote launching area I am using
* Break another rod tip with the lid of the dry storage compartment
* Assume that I have another bag of the only color worm that the fish are biting
* Listen to rumors of fish being caught 40 miles away.. and then make a dry run anyway
* Assume that I have air in my trailer spare tire
* Think that all of the winning stringers are being caught on the other side of the lake
* Believe the weatherman’s weekend forecast
* Run by GPS at night expecting a clear path and no logs floating in the water
* Leave anything valuable in my boat when it sits in front of a restaurant or motel
* Forget to take my cell phone and camera when I go fishing
* Use light line when fishing in areas with lot’s of trees, brush and big bass
* Lock the keys to my towing vehicle … in my towing vehicle
* Assume that all of the lake buoy markers mean safe running and no trees or rocks
* Try to motor through an area that has lots of trotlines
* Leave all of the snacks and drinks we were going to enjoy in the towing vehicle
* “Front-end” the guy fishing in the back of the boat
* Drop another pair of fishing pliers or sun glasses into the lake
* Start getting really worried when I have not had a strike in four hours
* Go fishing and not remember that today is my wife’s birthday or wedding anniversary Trap

* Store plastic worms in boxes that dissolve when they come in contact with the plastic
* Forget and leave a buoy marker at one of my best fishing locations
* Pre-fish for any more tournaments – (see next two items for reasons) * Assume that what the bass hit so well yesterday they will hit again today and …
* Assume that where the bass were yesterday they will be today – Wrong!
* Drop any more chain saws in the lake while cutting/placing brush in sweet spots
* Forget to take out my long rear boat light when motoring in areas of low timber
* Assume that I know the area “like the back of my hand” when motoring at night
* Accidentally hit the trolling motor switch when climbing over the front of the boat
* Get a “bird-nest” on six consecutive rods while fishing at night
* Lose another fishing cap by having it blow off my head and then sink
* Keep fishing locations where I caught a fish five years ago and haven’t had a bite since
* Try to break braided line by jerking on it really hard with my hand
* Leave the dock without a change of clothes and toilet paper stored in the boat
* Believe everything I see on television fishing shows
* Walk with bare feet when there are crankbaits lying on the floor of the boat
* Worry about the grass that needs cut, etc. while I am out fishing
* Drop another cell phone in the water when I bend over to land a bass
* Start “drooling” over all of the new bass boats I see at the boat shows
* Over-estimate the size and weight of the fish that I catch * Under-estimate the size and weight of the fish that my partner catches

I am sure that few of you will have to worry about these issues.. However, for most of us these and other issues made for some awkward and somewhat funny moments during 2014. And I did forget to mention a couple of the MOST important issues ……

* I will not believe any fishing reports unless they are from my mother … or perhaps my pastor? and….

*I Will Not … Whine for weeks when I lose a BIG bass. I will whine for MONTHS!!

Thought for the day – People who laugh a lot are healthier than those who don’t … and Remember that you are way too blessed to be stressed

Have a great 2015 & Good Fishing – JB 

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