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Toledo Bend Bass Fishing Weather

Foggy Days

Foggy Days As we idled away from the boat dock, the lake was an eerie and fascinating sight. Mother Nature had painted a fog so thick that it was hard to distinguish between water, land and the sky. Your imagination can run rampant in situations like this. The half-fallen and broken tree took on the […]

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The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer Be Careful – There is a silent killer stalking the state each year. Victims number into the thousands, yet most were unaware of its presence‚Ķ. until it was too late. The killers name is Hypothermia. Every year a large numbers of deaths occur, especially in boating accidents, with the cause listed most […]

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The Toledo Bend Winter Bass-O-Holic

The American Heritage Dictionary defines an idiot as, “a mentally deficient person; having the intelligence in the lowest measurable range; an imbecile; a blockhead.” My wife’s definition is slightly different. She says an idiot is (1) a person who will actually go fishing when the cold frigid Arctic air is cutting across the water, (2) […]

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Bass Fishing Weather and Safety

Recently I was on the water guiding a father and son party on a fishing trip. We were fishing a couple of main-lake humps down on the south end of the lake and spooning up crappie, white bass, black bass, and yellow bass. The bite was good and even I sort of got caught up […]

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Rough Water Bass Fishing

Last month on the first competition day of the Texas Invitational I encountered some rough water that I believed only existed in the Gulf of Mexico. Sure I have been on Toledo, Livingston, Conroe, Rayburn, and Richland Chambers when they have gotten profoundly rough due to high winds. But this first day of the tournament […]

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