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NetBait 2015

In the world of fishing there are many companies that produce fishing baits, however, only a few of these companies produce quality products that are “Made in the USA”. NetBait is one of those prestigious companies and coordinates all of its activities from the production facility in Greenville, Alabama. Regardless of where you live, if […]

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Lure Addict

Are You A Fishing Tackle “Addict”? Many years ago I bought my first tacklebox and filled it with a small assortment of baits, hooks and other items such as pliers, clippers and extra fishing line. My topwater lures consisted of a Zara Spook, Jitterbug, Lucky 13, and a Pop-R. I had a few black and […]

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Bill Lewis Rat L Trap

Bait Colors

Bait Colors – Do They Make A Difference? Most of us are like a kid in a candy store when we go into one of our favorite fishing tackle locations and see the vast assortment of lures and lure colors. It doesn’t matter that we have ten or more tackle boxes full of baits that […]

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New Baits From Stanley

  Many years ago fishing legend and tournament pro Lonnie Stanley introduced some of the finest fishing jigs on the market and many tournaments are still being won with these great products. Over the years the company has expanded its product line and continues to produce some of the highest quality baits on the market.  […]

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Mister Twister

Recently I had the pleasure of trying out some of the new products from Mister Twister, a company that is rich in fishing history. Over the years most anglers have used a Mister Twister product of one type or another when fishing for bass, panfish, steelhead, trout, muskie, pike and even saltwater species. Mister Twister […]

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                                                                   How In The World Do They Make All Those Baits? There are not too many fishermen that haven’t walked by one of those big displays of fishing lures at our local tackle store without wondering, “Just how in the world do they make all of those baits?”   Rat-L-Trap is one of those […]

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

           Last Minute Christmas Gifts If you are a bass fishermen, or married to a bass fisherman, then you know that you never have enough fishing tackle – especially good baits. Well if you are looking for some extra special items to fill that stocking I would like to suggest a few “Made In Texas” […]

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Dec 2011

Each day, each hour, each minute, is special. Live for today, for tomorrow is promised to no-one… Dec 2011 — Boy this change in weather is nice. Cool mornings that require a jacket and then Fall-like days that are simply beautiful.  Rain shows up occasionally and are certainly  welcome. Better enjoy this weather because we will […]

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Netbait Jigs


If you are a bass fisherman then you need to know about the NetBait products. Regardless of whether you are a leisurely weekend angler or a hard-core serious pro, these products will help you put more fish in the boat. Kent McNaughton heads up the innovative NetBait organization and his Dad Braxton can usually be […]

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Lipless Crankbaits

 It’s Shallow Cranking Time By definition, a lipless crankbait is a shad-shaped, flat-sided, hard plastic lure that attracts a variety of fish as it comes through the water. Its running depth is basically controlled by the rod angle and speed. The bait produces a tight wiggle and the water breaking around the lure causes a […]

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