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NetBaitIn the world of fishing there are many companies that produce fishing baits, however, only a few of these companies produce quality products that are “Made in the USA”. NetBait is one of those prestigious companies and coordinates all of its activities from the production facility in Greenville, Alabama. Regardless of where you live, if you are a bass fisherman you need to know about the NetBait products. It doesn’t matter if you are a leisurely weekend angler or a hard-core serious pro, these products will help you put more fish in the boat.

It was more than 40 years ago when NetBait products were born in the kitchen of a man named Braxton McNaughton. With a $20 investment, McNaughton began melting and pouring plastic worms (one-at-a-time) in his kitchen because he thought the 5-cents that was being charged per worm was just w-a-y too expensive. This small personal venture was eventually called Mac’s Baits.

For years, Mac’s Baits poured independently for many big-name companies, but then in 1998 the McNaughton family decided to make this home endeavor a fishing business. Each of the pouring machines were custom-built from the ground up, and all of the soft plastics are made and poured right in the Greenville facility. The NetBait brand was incorporated and the product line was quickly expanded to meet the needs of anglers across the country.

It was at this point in time that the signature bait of the company was developed – the famous Paca Craw. Mac’s Baits is still the sole manufacturer of all NetBait soft plastic products and in recent times Justin Sward has taken over the reigns as President of NetBait and Braxton McNaughton serves as President of Mac’s Baits.

Good Bass – Butch HudkinsI started using the NetBait products a few years ago and the quality of the products still continues to amaze me. Each item has pork fat, anise scent, and just the right amount of salt. Even the plastic used is specially formulated and will continue to be soft and flexible in almost any fishing situation. If you are a jig fisherman you will absolutely love the assortment of trailers that are available and the rainbow of colors. I am not sure how you produce and distribute so many of these products, but there are very few tackle stores throughout our country that do not have a good selection of Netbait items on their shelves. Once you use them you will be hooked, because they are designed by fishermen and for fishermen. That is why NetBait is one of the most popular brands of soft plastics on the market today.

Although NetBait offers a large selection of fish-catching products, allow me to just zero-in on a few of my favorites to get you familiar with some of this neat stuff. I would have to start off with the Paca Craw Paca Craw which has a hollow body design that can accommodate a large rattle or can be used as a reservoir for scent. A helicopter effect slows the descent of this bait when it’s flipped or pitched. I have fished the Paca Craw and Baby Paca Craw as a trailer on a jig, chugged across the surface like a buzzbait, swam just under the surface, and used it on a C-rig but I think my favorite technique is to flip the lure into heavy cover. I don’t think you can fish this bait wrong. The Paca Craw is a 5-inch model, the Baby Paca Craw 4-inch and the Tiny Craw is 3-inches in length.

Paca Chunk It took more than two years to develop the Paca Chunk and it was time well spent. The bait has an overall length of 3-inches, a solid body and the patented NetBait Claws really come alive in the water. I like to use this bait as a jig trailer but have also fished it on a shaky head with good results. Since the bait has a solid body it stays super secure when fished on a lead-head jig. The Paca Chunk Regular is 2.75-inches long, Paca Chunk Senior is 3.25-inches long and the Tiny Paca Chunk is 2.25-inches in length.

The Salt Lick can be used with many different techniques but it is deadly when fished weightless or Texas-rigged. Like the other NetBSalt Lickait products it is just packed with salt and is very soft .. but durable. The bait has great action on the fall and when the bite gets slow try flipping it into heavy cover and just hang on! The Salt Lick has more salt than most other brands and at 120 grains weight; it out-weights most baits of this type that are on the market. Bait comes in 5-in and 6-inch models. Kickin' B Chunk

The Kickin’ B Chunk is great when used as a jig trailer or just nose-hook it and let the frog-like legs entice some violent strikes.. The bait is available in a 3.5-inch size.

B Bug I really like the B Bug because it’s a compact, ribbed, meaty little guy with tentacles and a beaver-like tail that can move lots of water. It has a tantalizing action that can be fished with a variety of techniques. The bait comes in 4.3-inch and 5-inch models.

The BK Swimbait comes in 4-inch andBK Swimbait 5-inch sizes and features a large splashing paddle tail that creates a life-like action that few fish can resist. The hollow hook slot makes rigging a breeze and hook-ups more consistent. The bait is super-soft, extremely durable and is one of the most realistic swimbaits on the market.

Spanky The Big and Little Spanky are new additions to the NetBait family and each have a ribbed mid-section and a paddle tail that looks great in the water. Try these on your Alabama-rig. Baby Mad Paca

Looking for something really different? Well check out the Mad Paca and Baby Mad Paca. These are truly unique baits and offer those famous Paca flapping claws designed to attract the really big bass. This is definitely a “go-to” bait that will seldom let you down. Try it on a Carolina-rig or as a jig trailer. The Mad Paca is 5.5-inches long and the Baby Mad Paca is 4.5-inches long.

If you prefer a largC-Macer profile worm then check out the 7-inch, 11-inch and 15-inch C-Mac series – or the Big Thump that is designed to work down ledges as a flip bait. Each of these baits have a life-like look and with the slightest twitch will drive the fish wild. 

Other baits in the arsenal of NetBait include the Paca Punch, Finesse Worm, T-Mac T-Mac and the 9-inch Super T-Mac worm.

And how could I forget the Big Bopper U-tail, the Super Twitch,

face=”times new roman,times,serif”>Super Twitch
Slim Shake, Baby Action Cat (that is also a tube bait), the HardyTack Craw Hardy Tack Craw and

Dirt DawgDirt Dawg.

Lizard There are also collections of Lizards,
BK Tubes, 3-inch Twin Tail

and a brand new Frog. Frog

But that’s not all………  Netbait JigsThe Paca Jig has a sleek body, a Mustad Ultra Point Hook that ensures solid hook sets every time, and chip-resistant paint that can hold up to scratches and collisions with rocks and heavy cover.

The Paca Bug Football Jig is a must-have for every serious jig fisherman. These jigs are made with quality and performance in mind and have color-coordinated weed guards designed to match up perfectly with the colors and sizes of the Paca Chunk. Swim Jig

There is also the Paca Swim Jig which is a perfect balance for fishing around all types of cover. No tuning with this guy because it’s balanced has a built-in trailer system, double rattle and is ready to go right out of the package.

And then there is the HBT Shakey Head and the Dirt Dawg Shakey Head

WOW!!! That is quite an assortment of baits. NetBait is a fishermen’s friend and with their great assortment of quality products will be a leader in the fishing industry for many years to come. Give some of these NetBait products a try … You won’t be disappointed.

Good Fishing – JBSunset

Our roots may be small, but our mission has never wavered: To offer fishermen the best quality soft plastic baits in every pack, every time. 

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