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Fishing with a Hook Angel

Hook Angel Every now and then you come across a really good fishing product and say to yourself …. Now why didn’t I think of that? Well a classic example of this is the Hook Angel. It’s an innovative and patent-pending product developed by James Ferriss of Deridder, Louisiana that definitely has a place in […]

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Rat-L-Trap Open at Sam Rayburn

Rat-L-Traps and Big Bass … it’s a combination that goes together like red beans and rice. Such was the case when the 2016 Sam Rayburn Rat-L-Trap Open Tournament was held Sunday, January 24th. The tournament was presented by Lew’s/Mustad and sponsored by the Jasper County Development District #1. The ‘Trap” was made famous on the […]

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Cold Weather Rodney Dangerfield

Cold Weather Rodney Dangerfield’s The term “Cold Water Rodney Dangerfield” is not in your dictionary so if we were going to update the American Heritage Dictionary with the term it would probably start out with, “a fool, idiot, a brain-dead mentally deficient person, dummy, nincompoop, imbecile or a blockhead.”   My wife added that this […]

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Let’s Take A Trip To North Louisiana

Let’s Take A Trip To North Louisiana All of us like to go to new and interesting places and North Louisiana offers a potpourri of exciting things to sample. Recently I had the privilege of joining a group of outdoor writers and we sampled some of what this part of the state has to offer […]

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Toledo Bend – A Jewel In The Piney Woods

         Toledo Bend – A Jewel In The Piney Woods It was an exciting evening on August 13th, 2015, as an over-flow crowd attended the Toledo Bend Lake Celebration event at Cypress Bend Resort. Linda Curtis-Sparks, Director, Sabine Parish Tourist Commission, coordinated the event and she and her staff did an outstanding job! The […]

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Jim Binns

Reel Scremer

                                 It’s A “Reel Scremer” 1949 was the official birth year of the famous Creme worm and 2015 is the birth year of another exciting Crème product called the “Reel Scremer”. Crème Lure Company is rich in history and most everyone knows that the original Crème Wiggle Worm was developed by Nick Crème and poured […]

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What Kind Of Fisherman Are You?

What Kind Of Angler Are You? The fishing world is made up of many different types of anglers; some like yourself, but others that may act a bit strange. I recently gave this issue much thought and decided to try and group the anglers by certain traits they were displaying. Here are what you readers […]

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Toledo Bend Bass Fishing

NetBait 2015

In the world of fishing there are many companies that produce fishing baits, however, only a few of these companies produce quality products that are “Made in the USA”. NetBait is one of those prestigious companies and coordinates all of its activities from the production facility in Greenville, Alabama. Regardless of where you live, if […]

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Lure Addict

Are You A Fishing Tackle “Addict”? Many years ago I bought my first tacklebox and filled it with a small assortment of baits, hooks and other items such as pliers, clippers and extra fishing line. My topwater lures consisted of a Zara Spook, Jitterbug, Lucky 13, and a Pop-R. I had a few black and […]

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Bass Reel and Soft Plastic Baits

2014 vs 2015

Things Done In 2014 ….. That Will Not Be Done In 2015  I Will Not ………… * Sit a steaming hot cup of coffee between my legs when driving the boat * Forget to remove that last fish out of the livewell until I go fishing a week later * Fill the boat up with […]

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